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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Munich Oktoberfest 2014


This year marks my 10th Oktoberfest in a row. I've loved every single year, and somehow it never gets old.

This year, I flew to Munich on Saturday. Because I waited to book hotels this year, I had to cobble together hotel stays, so the first night I was at The Olympic near Sendlinger Tor. Some of the Atlanta crew were staying there, so we checked in and had some burgers at a local neighborhood spot. Afterwards, I headed to one of my favorite Bier Gartens, Augustiner Keller.

Bier Garten at Augustiner Keller

That night, we headed to the Oktoberfest grounds and hung out on the outside of the Ammer Festelt.

The next morning, we started our Sunda early at the Bräurosl Festzelt. This was the scene at 10:45 am:

The Atlanta crew
Afterwards, we walked around the fairgrounds, and I did the "Toboggan" -- a ride that I do every year that has been at Oktoberfest for 80 years. Here is the view from the top of the Toboggan. 

That afternoon, I moved over to the Sheraton Arabellapark. It is a really nice hotel, though further away. However, it is still convenient as it is on the line that goes directly to the festival grounds. 

That night, we had our official "tent reservations" at the Hacker-Pschorr Festzelt. This is one of the most beautiful tent interiors, and certainly one of the most popular tents of Oktoberfest. This tent features the bandstand in the middle which turns slowly as well as a rooftop that can open. On this night, unfortunately, it was raining outside so the top was on for most of the evening. While the tent features traditional Bavarian brass music during the day, the evening entertainment is "Cagey Strings," who play great German songs as well as "Country Roads." 

As always, the crowd was fun, and the Bavarian fresh chicken was delicious! 

The next morning, my friend and former co-worker David arrived for his first Oktoberfest. After resting up a bit from his travel, we headed back to Braürosl for lunch. In the tent, we met a lovely family from Munich, Sylvia, her son Max, and her boyfriend Steven. We sat with them and we all ended up staying there for hours listening to the music, singing, and enjoying a Maß or two. 

Braürosl with Sylvia
Fun in Braürosl
David, Steven, Sylvia, and Frank
We ended up being in the Braürosl Festzelt until it closed that evening, then we left to go grab pizza at one of my favorite pizza spots, Sinan's. 

The next day, David and I headed into the city center and Marienplatz to get him some Lederhosen. We visited the open air market, the Viktualienmarkt before heading to the Hofbraühaus for some lunch. 

At the Viktualienmarkt
Hofbraühaus is always a treat. 

 That night, we went to another one of my favorite tents, the Augustiner-Festzelt

It was a little cooler that night, so I wore my long Lederhosen.

We also stayed to the end this night as well, making three nights in a row I closed down a tent.  We left, saying goodbye to the Oktoberfest one last time before heading for more late night pizza.

Toboggan in the background

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