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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Washington, DC and Charles Town, WV

I flew into DC this weekend for the arrival of Pi Kappa Phi's Journey of Hope teams and it's Build America team. The Journey of Hope teams ride from the west coast to DC (starting in Seattle, San Francisco, and Long Beach, CA) raising awareness and funds for people with disabilities. The arrival is always a very emotional time as these young men have had their lives forever changed and have touched the lives of so many others. This year was particularly special to me since I knew three young men from a chapter I had chartered earlier in the year, one I met at Mid-Year and have become friends with, and after spending lots of time with the entire JOH South Team when they visited Atlanta.

The evening before the arrival, I had the opportunity to dine with some great Pi Kapps at the Capital Grille (Mark Timmes, Maj. General Tom Carter, Dudley Woody, William Sigmon, and Jeff Wahlen as well as the amazing Lorrie Miller.) I decided this was such an impressive group that I would have to record their names here for posterity. :-)

After leaving DC, I rented a car and drove to Charles Town, West Virginia to visit with my fraternity brother and great friends Heath and Jen and family, who were visiting Heath's family. It was a return to Charles Town for me - I visited Heath and his parents there in 1993 (I think) and stayed in their family hotel when mom, dad, and I moved my things from Charlotte to New Haven in 1997. It was also cool to meet Heath's twin daughters who I last saw when they were babies when I visited Heath and Jen in Hawaii in 1999 or 2000.

Great times and an awesome dinner at the Turf Motel Dining Room and Lounge!

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