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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Indianapolis, IN -- The Road to the Final Four

Duke was playing Michigan State in the Sweet 16 in Indianapolis, so I decided since I had Good Friday off that I would go to Indiana to see the game.

I was also excited about this because Indiana was a state that I had been all around, but never visited.

When the flights to Indianapolis starting looking tight, I decided to fly into Bloomington, instead, and to perhaps visit my fraternity's chapter at Indiana University.

This sounded like a great plan until I was boarding the plane and heard that I was boarding a flight to Bloomington, ILLINOIS.

After some consideration (and realizing that I had also rented a car in the wrong state as I booked it by airport code) I decided to go ahead with the plan and flew to Bloomington, IL. It worked out pretty well, as the drive was only about two and a half hours.  I still got to all the Duke events and to the game, which Duke won.

Lucas Oil Stadium from my hotel - site of the games
Duke warming up before the game (from my awesome lower level seat!)

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