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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Winter Park, CO

I flew out on January 31st to Denver to go skiing for the first time in years. Getting in late, I rented a car and drove a couple of hours to Winter Park, CO. It was snowing by the time I arrived, but I got there safely.  My friends Mark, Lisa, Liz, Ed, and Geoff were already asleep.

We stayed at town homes behind the Iron Horse resort. Really nice place!

Here's the house:

And here's the back -- just behind my room on the lower level (also the view from the hot tub!):

The great thing was we had lots of awesome powder. The first day was pretty overcast and snowy, but the second day of skiing was sunny and gorgeous, still with great powder.

Here's me on Day 1:

And me on Day 2:

We had lunch at the Sunspot both days. The first day inside, the second day outside.

Here's the Sunspot on Day 1:

And sitting outside at the Sunspot on Day 2:

Great weekend and loads of fun!

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