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Monday, January 21, 2013

Paris - et il neige! (Paris, and it snows!)

This trip to Paris will always be memorable -- Paris in the snow! It was a great.

I flew in on Friday morning, made my way from CDG to Julien's flat on Rue Legendre, where he had left the key under the door.

After dropping off my bags and having some coffee, I decided I would walk around the neighborhood and head to Montmatre, where I heard there might be mulled wine. At this point, it was just really cold, with some remnants of snow on rooftops and a bit of ice on the streets.

As you can see in this picture, there isn't even a trace of snow on the ground though believe me, I was still cold!

I went into the Sacré-Coeur to warm up. I remembered vividly the first time I walked in with Ms. Walker's, my French teacher, the summer before 8th grade.

Basilique dSacré-Coeur de Montmatre
After warming up inside the church, and before having my glass of warm wine (vin chaud), I snapped this photo of the snowy rooftops and the Eiffel Tower

I walked back to Avenue de Clichy, picked up some wine, paté, cheese, and cordon bleu for dinner, then back to Julien's to shower up. Afterwards, I decided to go to Hôtel de Ville, walk to the Notre Dame, do my traditional walk behind the Notre Dame to Ile St. Louis, then walk back up to the Marais.

Ice Rink by Hôtel de Ville
Notre Dame
It also happened to be the 850th year of the Notre Dame. I walked inside (again, nice opportunity to warm up). It is always stunningly beautiful, particularly the windows.

My favorite angle of Notre Dame
Julien met me for a beer in the Marais after he got off work, and then we headed back to his place to make dinner, stopping along the way to buy more wine. By this time, the snow was falling pretty hard, and it was a a cold, snowy, somewhat treacherous walk.

Inside Julien's flat
Our friend Nicholas came over, we ate cheese, drank wine, and watched the snow fall. We also watched Youtube videos from Sister Act and Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. (The wine helped make that really, really funny.)

The view from Julien's window over Rue Legendre
The next day, the snow was still with us. And it just kept coming:

The next day, we met one of Julien's friends and another friend of mine from work for dinner -- back to one of my favorite places - L'Osteria dell Anima. It was my third time here, and it has never disappointed.

After dinner, we went out for dancing and champagne until the early morning hours, walking in the snow trying to find a cab:

The next day we went to see a play which starred one of Julien's friends I had met several times previously, Renaud. It was at Théâtre de l'Opprimé. I was asked afterwards how much I understood, and my reply was that I wasn't sure I'd understand it more had it been in English. I thought it very philosophical and surreal. There wasn't exactly an intermission, but at one point they served soup to the entire audience. (And it was delicious!)


Harry said...

So, is snow a rare occurrence there?

Frank Wrenn said...

This much snow is. The official record for Paris is 4.5 inches, and this nearly matched it.

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