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Monday, November 26, 2012

Madrid, Spain

This year for our traditional Thanksgiving trip, Mom, Dad, and I went to Madrid. They had never been to Spain, so we decided this would be this year's destination.

Every day, Mom did a really good job of writing down everything we did, so here's her write-up of this year's trip:

NOV. 23, 2012 -- NOV. 26, 2012

Mom and Dad -- on the way to Madrid

We left Atlanta Wednesday, November 21, 2012 at 7:40 P.M. bound for Madrid, Spain. We had a 40 minute delay taking off because there was an intoxicated passenger that had gotten sick and threw up all over one of the restrooms in coach. They removed the passenger and a friend from the plane and we had to wait until someone came aboard the plane to clean up the mess. We had an 8 hour flight and arrived in Madrid at 9:35 A.M. their time (6 hour time difference).

We took a bus to our hotel, the Westin Palace in downtown Madrid. The hotel was beautiful.

The Palace Hotel -- 100 Years Old this year -- just across from The Prado and the Neptune Fountain

Mom inside the Lobby of the Westin Palace

 Each year Frank tries to pick a place a little higher cotton and this time he has out-done himself. The only hotel that we have ever stayed in that had a door bell on the outside of our door.

We walked and looked the rest of the day. We had lunch at the La Fragua De Vulcano restaurant which was very good.

First meal in Spain, at La Fragua De Vulcano, just off Plaza de Santa Ana

We went back to the hotel and had coffee and rested for a while.

Each day we could order a coffee service to the room. We'd get a carafe of coffee and carafe of hot milk. 

Afterwards, Frank and I (Alice) went back to the train station. We bought wine, diet coke, and bracelets. I had to buy some baby aspirins because I had left mine at Frank’s. We went to Vieja Estacion De Atocha and March 11 Memorial and to Plaza De Santa-Ana. We went to the Museo Nacional Del Prado and picked up supper from Museo Del Jamon. Also saw the Vertical garden. The hotel sent chocolates up to our room that night.

Inside the old Atocha train station
Atocha station

The Prado

The Vertical Garden on the front of the CaixaForum, designed by Patrick Blanc

Friday morning, Nov. 23rd we had a great breakfast at the hotel. They have a breakfast buffet that is out of this world that is included with our room which was wonderful because if you had to pay for the meal it was 45 euro per person.

Breakfast under the Westin Palace's rotunda

We went shopping and toured the city. We went to the Palace, Cathedral, and other places.

Mom and Dad with a street performer at Plaza de Oriente

At the Royal Palace
The Palace courtyard
Snack in Plaza de Ramales

Mom in Plaza De La Villa

We went to Corral De La Moreria for dinner and saw the Flamenco dancers show. This was a great Anniversary, can’t get much better. The weather was just beautiful.

Flamenco Show at Corral de la Moreria

Saturday, Nov. 24th, what a way to celebrate 47 years of marriage. We had breakfast at the hotel. I loved the grilled vegetables, cheese, fresh fruit, and fresh juices. Of course F.T. likes his bacon, eggs, and toast.

On the train to Toledo

 We took a train to Toledo. This is a very beautiful city overlooking the river Tajo.

We saw the Cathedral, Museo del Ejercito (Alcazar), Iglesia de Sant Tome, and Café Del Fin. We had 2 wines and a coke for 3 euros in a snack bar in the Alcazar, on the 9th floor. It is now a Library cafe.

The Alcazar.  
Toledo from the top of the Alcazar

We shopped and then had lunch at Rincon Bar, lunch was very good, we had ham Serrano which was kind of like country ham.
Lunch at Rincon Bar 
Just before leaving Toledo 

We went back to Madrid and went to the Prado museum and saw a lot of beautiful paintings. We went back to the hotel and had champagne that the hotel had sent us for our anniversary waiting for us. The name of the champagne was Anna de Codorniu which was very good. Also they sent chocolates.

The champagne the hotel sent for Mom and Dad's anniversary

A toast to 47 years of Marriage 

We went to Cafe del Principe for supper. We had ham croquettes, Paella De Pollo Y Carne, and Paella De Mariscos. Very good.
Anniversary Dinner at Cafe del Principe

How much is that couple in the window? 

 We stopped at Sol & Sombra for drinks (not so good). We went back to our room and ordered coffee which was real good, it came with a pitcher of warm milk. We called and talked to Angela. Then off to sleep. I can not believe I had to wake F. T. up each morning.

Sunday, Nov. 25th, This is our last day. Each day gets better, so I guess we will have to leave tomorrow because we can not stand getting so much better.

Mom and Dad in Plaza Mayor, on the way to El Rastro

We had breakfast at the hotel, then we went to the flea market. This was the biggest and most crowded flea market I have ever seen. The flea market is called El Rastro and it takes place every Sunday.
El Rastro, the most popular open air market in Spain
Dad making a purchase 

Then we had lunch at Via Libre [Avda. de la Peseta, 50], very good, we had Pintxos. Wine is as cheap or cheaper than Coke.
Lunch at La Libre

After lunch we went to the Parque Del Retiro. This is one of the world’s greatest city parks.

Mom and Dad in Parque del Retiro

The Boating Lake (Estanque) and monument to Alfonso XII

Palacio de Cristal (built in 1887) in Retiro Park
El Angel Caido -- the fallen angel. Perhaps the only monument of Lucifer. 
Resting in the park, near the statue of the fallen angel. 

The weather has been perfect our entire trip. We went shopping again then back to the room for coffee. We went out for supper at Txakolina which was very good.

Dinner spot on our last night

Then we went out for Margaritas at Café Del Principe. Afterwards we picked up some empanadas from Nemrut restaurant and took them to our room to eat as we finished up our wine and diet cokes.

The hotel was wonderful, they checked on us 2 or 3 times a day to see if we needed anything. The maids always left chocolates in the room when they finished cleaning and making up the beds.

Monday, Nov. 26th, we had breakfast and then took a taxi to the airport. We came home First Class – trip home was 9 ½ hours. The food and drinks were delicious on the plane. I love to fly, I really enjoy this part of any trip. -- Alice Wrenn

(All of Frank's pictures can be seen here.)


Cheryl Thompson said...

Your mom does a great job with her documentation. I know they enjoyed the trip!

Cheryl Thompson said...

Your mom did a great job documenting your trip!

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