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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Charlottesville, VA & Monticello

My visit to the land of Mr. Jefferson was such a pleasant weekend. First, the hotel I stayed in, The Boar's Head Inn, was very nice, with delicious food.  The Boars Head was a beautiful hotel in a gorgeous setting. My room had a back porch overlooking a beautiful lake. The first morning I awoke I was greeted to this view:

I was in town for the meeting of the National Council of my fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi. After meeting all day on Friday, Saturday we got to see some of the sights. We gathered early in the morning to go to Monticello, the amazing home of Thomas Jefferson.

Thomas Jefferson greets us at Monticello

The Pi Kappa Phi National Council at Monticello

Jefferson and his childhood best friend (and later brother-in-law) Dabney Carr decided they would be buried together under an oak tree. Carr died at a young age, and Jefferson died on July 4, fifty years to the date of signing the Declaration of Independence at the age of 83. Jefferson did give explicit instructions for his own monument's epitaph --

"Here was buried
Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of American Independence
of the Statute of Virginia for religious freedom
Father of the University of Virginia"

He wanted these words because those things were testimonials to his life, and the things for which he most wished to be remembered.
While the monument there is not the original, the words remain the same.

Jefferson's grave
After leaving Monticello, we made our way to the University of Virginia where we toured the grounds, tailgated, and attended a football game.

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