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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Paris, April 2012

This year, I decided to use my long Easter holiday weekend to return to Paris. I left on Thursday and got into Paris around 6:00 am. My friends Julien and Sarah live in Paris, and Julien's sister (also named Sarah) was visiting from the south of France.

The view from Julien's and Sara's, overlooking Rue Legendre

I took the train into Paris from the airport and arrived just as Julien was getting up to go to work. Sara arrived after her night shift at the radio station and we all had some coffee. After a bit of a rest, Sara, Sara and I went for lunch (where I had a wonderful beef tartare), then a nice walk to visit an exposition at Musée Jacquemart-André. 

Self portrait with the Sarahs just before going to the museum

Near the Champs-Elysées, this had been the residence of a very wealthy family and their amazing art collection. Through the 23rd of July it is also featuring an exhibition called "Le Crépescule des Pharaons" with Egyptian artifacts. I was more fascinated by the regular exhibitions and the house (and its furniture) itself.

Afterwards, we went for beers at Les Puces des Batignolles, a cafe down the street from Julien's and Sarah's on Rue Legendre. Julien joined us there after he got off work. Then, we did some shopping to buy some wine, some ham, and some cheese for dinner and a fun evening in. 

A very large bottle of wine

The next morning, Julien and I went grocery shopping so Julien could fix lunch. After a nice meal we went on a long walk with the intention of going to the Musée d'Orsay but the lines were so long that we decided to skip it. (I had been there before, anyway, but it is one of my favorites.) Instead, we continued our walk, strolling down Saint Germain before stopping at a café for a drink. 

In the picture I took below of Sarah, Julien, and Sarah, we have just left the café and are crossing back over the Seine, on the Pont des Arts bridge, a pedestrian bridge covered in hundreds of padlocks etched with the names of lovers. 

We continued our walk to meet up with Antoine and Franziska, but were early, so we did some shopping and found another little café.

We met Antoine and Franziska at La Conserverie, an awesome bar at 37 bis rue du Sentier. I had gone there with Julien and Sarah in November as well. It has an awesome ambience and unusual, innovative cocktails. I had one called Tobacco State that had whiskey and some kind of tobacco liqueur.  

Sitting at La Conserverie

Afterwards, we went to dinner at an amazing Italian restaurant, which I had also been to in November. It is regarded as the best Italian restaurant in Paris, L'Osteria dell'Anima (37 Rue Oberkampf). It is tiny, but delicious! We called last minute and were surprised that they were able to seat us. 

After dinner, we enjoyed some clubs and dancing before retiring for the evening.  

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