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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Vegas 2012!

I flew into Las Vegas on Thursday to meet my college buddy Heath for NCAA Basketball / St. Patrick's Day weekend. We stayed at New York New York which was the very first place I ever stayed in Vegas.

Highlights include an amazing steak dinner at Gallagher's in New York New York, where I indulged in a huge lobster as well as their aged sirloin.

Gallagher's feast

The second amazing meal I had was the very next day at Hot N Juicy Crawfish, a short cab ride off the strip at 4810 Spring Mountain Road. Well worth the ride out there. Everything was served in plastic bags in awesome hot and juicy sauce. There were no utensils or plates. I had crawfish, shrimp, corn, and snow crab legs. The snow crab legs we enjoyed in their lemon pepper sauce. Delicious! But be warned, the Hot and Juicy sauce has a kick. Even the mild had my eyes watering.

Here's the aftermath of the the Hot N Juicy feast:

Mostly I played "Let it Ride" and Three Card poker. But I did play some slots, including this fun one featuring a donkey:

My favorite hangout this time was Centrifuge at MGM Grand, where we watched some basketball. Our favorite waitress was Sydney, who took good care of us for three nights in a row. Every thirty minutes during "prime time" the Centrifuge staff would do a dance routine on the bar. I am pretty sure Sydney was the most popular.

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