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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bamberg, Germany

While I was in Munich for Oktoberfest this year, mom commented on my Facebook page that she missed Germany. It wasn't that much longer before we decided that this year's Thanksgiving trip would be to Germany. Christmas Markets! Lights! Ornaments! Glühwein!

Christmas Market in Bamberg

We flew out on the night before Thanksgiving and landed in Munich the next morning. This time, I had decided to rent a car. We found the Sixt counter, got the car, and headed to the garage. Everything went smoothly until we got the parking garage, where we couldn't figure out how to start the car. It turns out, there wasn't a key for the ignition. But you did have to have your foot on the break before hitting the start button.

We drove to Bamberg first as their Christmas Market was opening that evening. We checked into our hotel, the Best Western Bamberg, and walked around the old city. First stop, glühwein! And of course, some bratwurst. After some of the nice mulled, hot wine and our bratwurst, we walked around the city a bit, through the streets to the old Cathedral. 

Mom and Dad walking the streets of Bamberg

After visiting the old Cathedral (Dom) we went to the rose garden overlooking the city. From there, we had a beautiful view of Michaelsberg Abbey.

Michaelsberg Abbey
Altes Rathaus in Bamberg

After going back to the room for a bit to warm up and change into warmer clothes, we returned to the Christmas Market for some more glühwein. Mom met a German lady named Josephine whose sister lives near my sister. 
We all stood by the fire, enjoying the warm wine and the feeling of Gemütlichkeit.

Tree in the market
Mom and Josephine
Staying warm by the fire

For dinner, we went to Brauerei Spezial, where mom and dad had the cordon bleu and I had wiener schnitzel. The beer there was interesting -- very smoky flavor. It was a very nice day, that also happened to be mom and dad's 46th wedding anniversary. 

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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