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Monday, July 25, 2011

Cantaloupe Festival and Family Beach trip to Atlantic Beach, NC -- July 2010

We've been doing this beach trip for years and years and years -- mom and her sister Eula and their families... Each year is special and different with lots of adventures.

This year, Dad had his 50th class reunion on Saturday night, so we didn't start the trip until Sunday. I had left on an 11:30 am flight on Friday to head to NC. Daddy picked me up and we met mom at the rest home where she was visiting her first cousin Alma and aunt Ella Belle with her cousin from Houston, Jean. Alma played piano and I sang with Alma and Ella Belle and we drew a crowd. We had lunch at the Mexican restaurant, and that night we went to another of mom's first cousin's for a mini Cousin's reunion. Cousin Babs told me how much she enjoyed reading my blog. (Shout out to BABS!)

The next day was the Ridgeway Cantaloupe Festival, which I had never attended (but owned the shirt.) Good times in Ridgeway!
Blue Grass band at the Cantaloupe Festival

Sunday we left for the beach. We were meeting everyone at Cox's Restaurant (cheap and good!). Everyone was already in a festive mood, particularly Eula Belle. After hanging out at McDonald's for a bit afterwards, we were finally able to get into our house. This was the fifth year we've stayed at this house, right on the ocean front.

Our house, peeping out from behind the dunes

Sunday night we went shopping for food at the Super Wal*Mart, and I didn't leave the island again until Thursday, when we went to another favorite, El's Diner. Now Mama's experience at El's was not so good this year. If anyone's order is going to get screwed up, it will be hers.

Basically, every day was getting up, going to the beach, coming in for a bite, going back to the beach, reading, coming in for dinner, watch the sunset, drink, and repeat.

Aunt Belle cooked the ham I traditionally buy on Monday night.

Tuesday night, family friend Gertrude came and we had our traditional "Homecoming" at the beach, singing Gospel songs. Mom cooked spaghetti that night. The next night, my cousin-in-law Allison cooked chicken and cousin Deborah had a roast.

My sister Angela and her girls arrived on Thursday to stay the weekend. Aunt Belle and Joe picked up fried chicken for dinner that night. Friday was hot dogs.

Catherine, Angela, and Carrie

This one is my favorite time of day...

We waited all week for someone famous to die, because someone famous always dies while we are at the beach. Previous years' deaths included John F. Kennedy Jr and Charles Kuralt. This year, it was Amy Winehouse.

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