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Monday, July 26, 2010

Atlantic Beach Family Vacation, 2010

What a great beach week! It just goes by so fast when you have nothing to do but eat and sleep and run your toes through the sand.

I flew into New Bern on Monday morning after a weekend in San Francisco.

Here's our beach cottage (the middle shorter house):

One of my favorite pictures from the week (me with my niece):

Other favorite pics:


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Atlantic Beach, NC

Here for my family beach trip:

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Santiago, Chile

I flew to Santiago, Chile on Friday night to spend the weekend before a work visit on Monday and Tuesday. I landed Saturday morning, and took the shuttle to the hotel ($12 or so for the shuttle, over $35 or so if you take a cab.)

I was staying at the W Santiago, which just opened about a year ago. Great property! Here's my room:

That afternoon (after spending some time on the phone trying to locate my mobile which I left on the plane) I walked down to Barrio Bellavista, the neighborhood I liked so much the time before. I walked about three miles to get there through a nice park by the river.

Once I was in Bellavista, I found a nice little place for lunch where I had papas fritas (french fries) and "Tabla Lomo":

I also ordered a local beer, "Escudo" which only came in liter bottles:


After walking back to the hotel, I took a nap before going back out to a bar I had been to the last time in Bellavista called Vox Populi:

My bartender, Cristian, made great Mojitos and Pisco Sours.

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