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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paris, March 2010

The last weekend in March I decided to go to Paris and spend some time with my friends Julien and Sarah. I left on Friday night and arrived on Saturday morning to have Julie meet me at the airport.  They live near Pigalle--I had visited their apartment there last fall, and they were awesome hosts again.

The first thing we did, of course, was eat! They prepared a great meal with cheese and foie gras, followed by canard a l'orange.  I took a nap so I could be prepared to go out for a birthday party. The party was near Père Lachaise. Julien and I stayed most of the night, came back and took it easy much of the next day. Sarah didn't go to the party as she had to work the next day.

On Monday, Julien worked, while Sarah and I went to check out the Yves St. Laurent exhibit at Le Petit Palais. Unfortunately, it was closed on Mondays, so we just had a great lunch and a beautiful day walking around Paris. 

Sights we saw:

The Grand Palais: 

and it's ceiling:

The Notre Dame:

Église de Saint-Eustache 

This was the first time I had been inside St. Eustache, despite many times in Paris. 

The Louvre:

After leaving the Notre Dame, I walked around the back (my favorite view), over to Isle St. Louis, and Sarah and I got Berthillon ice cream. We came back over to the park behind the Notre Dame to eat it, after listening to these guys play music over the Seine:

The next day, Julien and I did make it to the Yves St. Laurent exhibit, followed by some cofee at Ladurée:

Julien at Ladurée:

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Cheryl Thompson said...

I had ice cream at Le Berthillion last summer. It was pretty darned good...but for four of us (with waters) it was nearly $80. My brother gasped at the price (but I paid).

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