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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Howth, Ireland

After a full Irish breakfast at Central Hotel, mom, dad and I walked to Pearse Station to take the DART to Howth. Only about a half hour away by train, Howth was a world away from the bustling city of Dublin.

Once we got arrived at the picturesque fishing village, we turned left out of the station, then another left down to the lighthouse. Along the way were lots of fresh seafood markets and restaurants. Seals clamored for food along the sea wall, as tourists fed them from the markets's catch.

Walking by the water, we got really cold! We journeyed back inward, to Howth Village, where we stopped for lunch at Abbey Tavern, named after the ruins of the old Abbey nearby.

The Abbey:

The Abbey Tavern:

Mom and Dad in the Abbey Tavern:

After warming up by the fire and enjoying our lunch, we hiked along the side of the coast along the cliffs. I wanted to see the cliffs, but I also wanted to see the former home of W.B. Yeats:

Dad at Yeats' house:

The views along the cliffs:
Then the fog started really rolling in:

Mom and Dad along the cliffs:

After walking back down to the sea, dad took this picture of me and mom:

After another visit to warm up again in Abbey Tavern, we took the train back to Dublin City, where we decided to return to The Bankers for our last night's Irish dinner:


LKMarshall said...

Thanks for your notes and pictures from Howth. We visited there in February of 2008 and are returning next month (April 2010). I didn't realize W B Yeats had lived there and will be sure to search out his house when we visit the village this time. LKMarshall

LKMarshall said...

As well...enjoyed your pictures and comments on Dublin. Wow! You're quite a traveler. LKMarshall

Anonymous said...

Great post! You should definitely follow up on this topic!!

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