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Saturday, October 10, 2009

San Antonio, TX

Friday night, I intended to leave Atlanta to visit India for my fourth time. I had been every fall for the past three years, and was really looking forward to a nice visit with Nameeta and Ajay.

As the travel gods would have it, it was not to be that evening. After careful thought, I decided I should go to Texas to take a picture of the Alamo for the non-rev challenge, then try to fly somewhere else out west for more points.

It was a short visit. I walked around a bit the night I got in, and again the next morning. I had been here before, but had never been inside the Alamo as the lines had been too long before. This time, I got to go inside. I also checked out some of the local arts and crafts as they were having a craft show along the Riverwalk.

I love riding the boat down the riverwalk. I didn't do it this time, but the last time I was here (when I stayed in The Menger, the haunted hotel) I remember being on the boat and thinking that San Antonio was absolutely charming. And one doesn't say that about Texas, usually.

Other shots of the Riverwalk:

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