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Saturday, September 19, 2009


On my way to way to Munich this year for Oktoberfest, we decided to fly into Prague. We arrived on Saturday, September 19. I had been there last year, but Jonathan had never been. It was a short visit this time, but very fun. We stayed at the Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel. After checking in, we walked up across the Charles Bridge to the Castle, stopping for lunch along the way.

I had eaten at this place the last time, and remembered it being fairly reasonable. However, this time, we were quite shocked when we got the bill. So if you are traveling to Prague, beware of the touristy areas. Make sure you know what you are paying for. This place even charged a cover charge!

But in general, while this was more expensive, Prague is a beautiful, charming city where great values can still be found. (It helps that they are not on the Euro.)

After lunch, we walked around the castle, then back across the river to the Old Town. We grabbed a beer at a cafe called Valentino's. As we sat there, a friend I met last time, Jakub, happened to pass by. He recognized me (he knew that I was coming to town) and joined us for a beer. (Now the beers in the non-touristy places are bargains- pints of Pilsener Urquell for less than $2).

We made plans with Jakub to show us around that evening, and went back to the hotel for while.

That night, most of the clubs we went into were fairly empty. Jakub explained that people were staying home more now because of the economy. But finally, we walked into one that was packed. Jakub introduced us to another friend of his who was sitting up in the VIP area. He kept ordering bottles of Cheval Regal, sharing with everyone at his table. As the night grew on, he would throw the empty bottles against the glass table, and breaking drinking glasses. He was truly rock star drunk, but he had spent over $2000 there that evening, so nobody seemed to mind. It made for a very interesting evening in Prague.

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