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Monday, September 07, 2009

More Paris...

So the Non-Rev Challenge trip to Paris was great fun. After getting all the pictures we needed, it was time to relax. Jonathan and I stayed with my friends Sara and Julien at their flat on Rue Legendre, Here is the view from their place:

We went out for a nice dinner near Beaubourg, called Le Verre Luisant (64, Rue de la Verrerie). I had a beef tartare with foie gras and truffles which was absolutely decadent.

Here are Jonathan, Sara, and Julien at Hôtel de Ville just before dinner:

And one with me:

The next day was a great relaxing Sunday. We had a nice pancake breakfast at Sara and Julien's first.

After breakfast, we headed out to the Seine for a little ride in the Bateau Mouche, enjoying stunning views of Paris on a beautiful day. Here I am on the boat approaching the Notre Dame:

Sights along the ride:

After the boat ride, we strolled up to see the tunnel where Princess Diana died, then walked through the Marais, stopping at a few bars along the way after grabbing some sandwiches:

It was a perfect way to spend a late summer day in Paris.

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