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Saturday, December 13, 2008


I flew into Brussels today on my wayl to Lille. My friend Julien picked us up at the airport, then cooked lunch at Louis' house- pasta with smoked trout in a cream sauce.

That night we went to a nice wine and cheese house party (it is France, after all). Wonderful wines, cheeses, and pâté. Afterwards, we went back to Sarah and Julian's where there was a party going on on the third floor.

The next day, we visited the old town to see all of the lights, the ferris wheel, and the Christmas Market.

Scenes from Lille:

Me with Julien:

Christmas Lights:

1 comment:

Smita said...

Awesome!!! Smoked trout sounds yumm. I'm in Boston and we ate Lasagna with an irish twist.

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