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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mumbai, India

Mom, Dad, and I arrived last night in Mumbai. Little did we know what an evening it would be!

After going to Ajay and Nameeta's house, we walked down the street to the Ghanteshwar Hanuman Bell Temple. Here are mom and dad there:

Afterwards, we headed to dinner in the Bandra at a place called Soul Fry.

Soul Fry was really good- but shortly Nameeta and Ajay began getting phone calls about terrorists attacking in South Mumbai--the Taj, the Oberoi, areas we would have visited today (and are lucky we were not at last night.)

The restaurant emptied out quickly. After the appetizers, we got our food to go and went back to Kahr. We did stop at the local pan wallah who makes an after-dinner treat called pan--a betel leaf filled with all kinds of stuff. Here's the nearly finished product:

We then went back to Nameeta's and Ajay's, watched the news, emailed family and friends to let them know we were okay, and waited.

Now it is morning. It was a beautiful sunrise, and the street below seems busy again.

But there are still terrorists holding people hostage, and news of fresh fire. We are still a ways from all of that activity, so we will wait and see what our plans will be. For now, we will enjoy a nice Indian breakfast! Dad at breakfast:

UPDATE: We spent the day not leaving the house until time to go to the airport. (We ordered in some really great food, however!) After seeing that flights were being cancelled coming in, we knew we better get out while we could. It was a bit scary getting to the airport and passing all of the security checks and guns, and I felt a bit like a sitting duck while we were in line to even get inside the airport. But I think our family and friends at home were more relieved than we were when we texted that we were on the way back to the US.


Cheryl Thompson said...

Thanks for posting this. I'm glad to know you are safe.

Gil Compo said...

Frank, give your parents my best wishes. We are so glad to know tha that y'all are safe!

you friend,

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