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Monday, September 22, 2008


After taking the train from Salzburg to Munich, we checked into our hotel, the Sheraton at Arabella Park. It is conveniently located at the end of one of the U train lines, and along the same line as the Oktoberfest fairgrounds, the Theresienwiese, so a perfect location.

Our tent reservations at the Hacker-Pschorr Festzelt were at 6:00, so we met up with others at 5:00 to head to the fairgrounds. This year, cigarette girls were not allowed to sell their wares, so it was perhaps less smokey than in previous years, but certainly just as hot. Scenes from Oktoberfest:

After we left the tent, we went to Sinan's, just outside the Theresienwiese, the crazy little pizza-joint turned after hours disco that we found last year. It did not disappoint. Great pizza, and always a fun place.

The next day, Jonathan and I went into Munich, walking the now familiar streets and seeing the sights—Marienplatz, the Rathaus, the Glockenspiel. We had lunch at the Spaten Haus, where I enjoyed a delicious jaegerschnitzle with a creamy mushroom sauce and a delicious cheesy spatzle. But we also went shopping—and after years of looking at lederhosen, we both finally bought a pair, as well as the shirts and socks.

After making our purchases, we settled in for a beer at a bar by Sendlinger Tor, then went back to the hotel. Later, we met the others at the Theresienwiesn at what I dubbed the 'alcoholic karrussel,' surprising them with our lederhosen.
After riding a few rides, we hit Sinan's one more time, then headed back to Arabella Park with a final night cap at the hotel.

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Cheryl Thompson said...

I've been there! I had to drink the "womens' beer", though, because I'm a lightweight.

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