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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lille, France

Ahh... Lille. What I love about Lille is that I can go there, stay with friends, and have great meals and good times. As I had my last several times here, I stayed with my friend Louis at his place, Villa Paulette. This time, my buddy Jonathan came with me. After arriving by train from Brussels (about a 3o minute ride), Louis cooked lunch and my friend Michel joined us. That afternoon, Julien (who lived in Atlanta a few years ago and introduced me to Lille) joined us and we did a bit of shopping in the old city.

That night, we dined on champagne and oysters before going out to dinner at Vieux Louis, which serves food typical of Southwestern France.

Louis was going to Warsaw for the weekend, so he left us with the keys to his place for the weekend.
I ate a couple of great restaurants this time. I recommend Alcide, located at 5, rue Debris St Etienne (, and of course Aux Vieux Louis, which I LOVED, located at 45, Rue de Gand.

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