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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Back in Mumbai

We left Cochin this morning at 6:30 am for an 8:30 am flight back to Mumbai. The flight was oversold, and we were worried we wouldn't make it, but all three of us ended up being onboard in first class.

When we got to Mumbai, we squeezed into a rickshaw to go back to Nameeta's apartment in Khar. Because her place was so close to the domestic airport, the cab driver's didn't want to take us. They were all looking for the expensive fare to the southern part of Mumbai. Here we are in the rickshaw:

After dropping off our luggage and relaxing for a bit, we went back downstairs and caught a rickshaw to go the the Santa Cruz market after a masala tea at Coffee Day, Mumbai's version of Starbucks .

Rickshaws are only allowed in the suburbs of Mumbai, but they are really a great way to see the vitality and energy of the town.

Rickshaws and cars are everywhere. Traffic is absolutely crazy. There are no stop signs, and roadway markings, if they exist, are only suggestions. Also, alongside lots of traffic, there are lots of dogs, cows and an occasional horses.

At the Santa Cruz market, I picked up a couple of things, did some Christmas shopping, and ate street food from the roadside stands. Now, most guide books would say not to do this... but I've done it before and I've been eating everything I've been served for two weeks in India, and haven't had a problem. (Knock on wood.) Plus, I've been craving vada pav since I've been here, and it's the first one I've had. How dangerous could it be? It's deep fried. We also had some samosas, fried chili peppers, and fried spinach.

Santa Cruz Market:

Ordering street food:

Me eating vada pav:

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