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Friday, September 28, 2007

Back to Munich

Thursday, September 27

Thursday morning I got up, had another coffee and a chocolate croissant, and headed back to the airport to return to Munich. I checked into my hotel which was by the Hauptbahnhof this time, just off of Bayerstrasse (Goethestrasse 11.) The Hotel Dolomit was a very convenient location in a neighborhood I had stayed in before. (

The room was small, but I was not to be there for long. The bathroom was incredibly orange.

My first mission was to do what I had forgotten to accomplish before I left Munich for Paris two days ago—buy this year’s Oktoberfest mug, bringing my total collection to three.

After a couple of focus groups that evening, I finished the night at the Augustiner Keller near Marienplatz, having one more Oktoberfest Mass before retiring for the evening and returning to Atlanta the next day.

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