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Saturday, April 28, 2007

TriBeCa Film Festival--NYC

On April 27th, I flew from Montreal to New York for the TriBeCa film festival--my second year attending.
The first night, we ate at a little French restaurant, Deux Gamins. The food was good, but the service left a little to be desired.

I saw some great films at the festival. One of my favorites wasTwo Days in Paris, a film directed by and starring Julie Delpy, a French actress. Her parents are also famous French actors who are in the film, along with American actor Adam Goldberg.

My other favorite was a documentary called Third Monday in October. It followed four student council president races in 4 different schools against the backdrop of the 2004 US Presidential election.

The most memorable thing about this trip would probably be the trains, planes, and automobiles it took. I flew into JFK, but unfortunately, by the time we booked a hotel we had to stay in Newark. On Friday afternoon, it took two and a half hours (in two buses) to get from JFK to Newark. Then, of course, we were training it into the city every day and every night. Then after it was all over, my flight out of Newark was cancelled, so I had to take a shuttle to LaGuardia to get home.

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