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Monday, April 23, 2007

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

I am sitting on my balcony at the Occidental Grand Flamenco in Punta Canta, Dominican Republic watching the rain. It has been a torrential downpour for the past hour and a half, which seemed to make the pool that much more popular—or at least the pool swim-up bar. Our building, Edificio 11, is just outside the pool bar.

Mom, Dad and I arrived yesterday. The airport was open-air with a thatched roof. We took a cab to our all-inclusive resort. After getting settled, we walked around the resort, checking out all of the restaurants. The first night, we discovered, you eat at the buffet, then you make your reservation the following morning for one of the other restaurants. We had lunch at the pool bar, which was called the Home Run. We then decided to take a little shopping trip. There are a few shops at the resort, where mom bought a shirt for Catherine. But then we walked up the street, outside of the resort, and found a bunch of shops where mom haggled and got good deals. Until we ran out of money. So then we went back to the resort, went to the ATM and took out 100 Dominican pesos, which didn’t last long after we figured out that was only $3.00. (I swear, I thought we were taking out 1000 pesos.) So we had to go to the ATM again to continue our shopping. I bought a stone figure representing ‘family’ made of volcanic rock.

After coming back and eating the buffet we watched a live show of dancing and entertainment. We enjoyed it while drinking Caipirhinias, except I think they were made of rum instead of caccasas. Then, the party moved from the bar by the entertainment to the beach. We walked down there and watched for a while, but were exhausted, so we went back to our room.

So we ate at the buffet for dinner the first night, then breakfast, and then lunch on Saturday. The fruits are amazing. And we sure aren’t about to go hungry. We spent much of Sunday on the beach.

There are plenty of beach chairs; Dad found a nice shady spot and mom and I sat down by the water. After lunch, we moved to the pool. I napped there while Mom and Dad returned to the beach. When they returned, they found that I had entered a beer chugging contest. I did alright, I won the first round against a guy named Pablo from Spain. In the semi-finals, however, I lost to another Spaniard.

Tonight we are having dinner at the Brazilian-style steak house.—we have a 9:00 reservation. After all we’ve eaten today, I hope we will be hungry by then.

April 23, 2007

Now we are sitting in the Punta Cana airport, awaiting our departure. The steakhouse was good—we had sausages, chicken, pork, and two kinds of beef. I also had a great soup-- cream of heart of Palm.

After dinner, we watched the end of the evening’s entertainment. They had several couples on stage who had to change into each other’s clothes in under a minute or so. The winner was a couple from the US—the guy could barely get his wife’s pants on his legs.

After that, we made our way into the lobby area where there was live music and dancing. We watched for a long time, particularly enjoying a young lady who we’d seen at the pool drinking all day. She had also been at dinner, and it was amazing she could stand at all.

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