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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday, January 8—Paris and Lille (France)

Sunday was a very lazy day. It was cold and cloudy outside—a good day to sleep in late. This was followed up by a wonderful meal—Dominique and Daniel made a brie quiche while Louis cooked a wonderful apple tart.

After Julien arrived (only about 5 hours later than the breakfast we expected him to bring), we got in the car and headed to Lille, a city a couple of hours north of Paris (by car) near the Belgian border.

Louis had called my friend Michel to tell him that he needed to see him when he arrived back in Lille. Michel had been unable to make the trip to Paris and was disappointed that he would not see me this trip, so I surprised him by being a Louis’ house when he arrived. After we had dinner (pasta in a red sauce with sausage, which Julien cooked) Julien, Scott, and I met his roommate Laure for drinks—a champagne based red drink in a huge glass, garnished with stale candy and glow-sticks. (Laure had been sick the last time I was in Lille, so I had never met her.) The bar was in the old part of the city. It had become Julien and Laure’s new hangout, so they knew the bartender (Max) as well as the DJ (Felix).

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