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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday, January 7—Paris

The next day, my coworker Scott arrived in Paris from Atlanta. We spent the day walking down St. Denis to Les Halles and through the Marais, stopping for lunch and a bottle of wine. We went in several stores and several more coffee shops as the day progressed, before finally meeting a large group of our host’s friends for dinner at Le Chant Des Voyelles on rue des Lombards. I was very impressed with the restaurant. The food was wonderful, and one could pick a starter and an entrée for only 12.50 euros. I had veal in a mushroom sauce with a sort of vegetable soufflé for my entrée, and a delicious pâté as my starter. We shared a crème brullée for desert.

Coming home later, Scott and I had told the cab driver to drop us off at the train station near where we were staying (Gare de Becon des Bruyeres). Unfortunately, as the cab pulled away I noticed that the train station didn’t quite look the same as when we had left. In fact, we were on the other side of the tracks—4 sets of tracks, I believe. We couldn’t figure out how to get around it, so we proceeded to climb over the fence and cross the tracks. We made it to the other side, but the station was locked, and the fence on that side was too high.We ended up crossing back over, where we walked until we found the bridge going over the tracks. It wasn’t very fun at the time, but it was hysterically funny once we finally arrived back at the house.

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