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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Monday, January 9, 2005—Lille

Early Monday morning, Louis knocked on my door to awaken me. I had promised to speak to an international marketing class he teaches at the L’Ecole Européen Montebello. I told them about the project I was working on, and the process involved. Afterwards, Louis commented that it was great timing as I covered many of the subjects that they are currently studying. I spoke mostly in English, trying to be slow and deliberate, writing many words on the board. I believe the class comprehended most of what I was saying.

After class, we returned to Louis’ house, picked up Scott, and headed to into downtown Lille for a walking tour and lunch. We ate at “Les 400 Coups” where I had a nice Salmon tartare. Afterwards, Louis returned to school for his afternoon class while Scott and I shopped and walked all over Lille (mostly trying to find the metro station back to Louis’ house).

Later that evening, we accompanied Louis to the supermarket, where we bought ingredients to prepare dinner. The supermarket had so many patés and cheeses that would cost an arm and a leg in the US but here they were just a few dollars. While Louis prepared dinner, Scott and I sipped on vodka from Poland which had been given to Louis. It was infused with herbs with a touch of sweetness, tasting like no vodka I had ever tasted.

Michel and Julien joined us for dinner. We had several different patés, two of which were made from duck (one more of a mousse), and the other was made from rabbit. For the main course, we had a Dutch dish, literally called “dish of small meat” which had rabbit, veal, and chicken cooked with onions and a gelatin. Louis also made a chicken dish prepared with a regional cheese.

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