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Friday, January 06, 2006

January 6, Paris

My 1:35 AM flight landed at 5:45 Paris time. It had taken forever to dim the lights, and then there was a very loud crying baby that cried the entire time. On arrival, I made my way to the Ibis at the airport to check in for a quick nap and shower before going back to my company’s office in France to set up a temporary office for the day. It was good to have a direct connection into work, and to actually be able to call in and talk to coworkers to catch up on company news.

Since it was Epiphany, the office in Paris was having “Gallette,” (sp?) a round almond pastry with a baby Jesus hidden inside. Whoever gets the baby Jesus is crowned King.

After work, my friends Louis and Julien picked me up and we headed into Paris to stay with their friends Dominique and Daniel. Dominique had cooked lasagna; we had a nice dinner before meeting more of their friends out for drinks. On the way, we rode beside the Seine, providing views of the Eifel Tower, the Musee Dorsay, and the Notre Dame.

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Jonathan said...

What does one win if one chokes on the hidden baby Jesus?

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