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Thursday, January 05, 2006

January 5, Tel Aviv:

After spending a morning of downloading emails and sending those I had responded to the evening before, I called Nirit, who had promised to show me around town. It was a strange day as Ariel Sharon had been hospitalized for a major brain hemorrhage the evening before. I had seen it on the news just before going to bed.

Nirit picked me up and we headed to a cute neighborhood with a name I can’t spell or pronounce. Then we walked along a promenade by the Mediterranean to the city of Jaffa, where we browsed flea markets and had delicious freshly squeezed orange juice at a Persian shop. We headed back towards Tel Aviv to meet Nirit’s husband Martin and to have lunch by the sea at a restaurant called Mantaray. Martin ordered lots of starters, including hummus, avocado with sardines, a salmon and parsley salad, and fried goat cheese. I had lamb, chickpeas, and mashed potatoes.

Afterwards, Nirit and I went back to the car and went to pick up her children from school. The school had formerly been a kibbutz. It was in a grove of trees, with peacocks, rabbits, goats, and groundhogs out back.

Afterwards, we headed for ice cream at the first ice cream parlor in Tel Aviv, called Montana’s. Of course, that didn’t look like it was spelled as it was spelled in the Hebrew alphabet. I told Nirit I would have to at least learn the alphabet before I come back.

After ice cream, we went to Nirit’s house where I caught up on the newspapers and took a little nap before going out to dinner (Shaul’s Inn) with Itai (sp?). I had chicken skewers, hummous, and another starter with peppers and egg plant (I think). Then we went to Max Brenner’s Chocolate Bar, where there was hot chocolate of all kinds, lots of chocolate desserts, and even chocolate soup. After chocolate, it was time to head to the airport for the many questions and luggage searches I knew would follow.

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