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Thursday, December 01, 2005


In Rome, we stayed at an awesome hotel, the Trelussa Palace. Once again, Mom took detailed notes-- Here's what she had to say:

We arrived in Rome at 8:00 a.m. We took the bus to the city center and a taxi from there to the hotel. Had to wait in line for the taxi for about an hour. We went everywhere. We took streetcar to the Coliseum, walked to the Vatican. We saw so many beautiful things – (Roman Forum).

I bargained with a salesman (on the street) for Catherine’s hat. I also bought 20 postcards from a man on the street for 1.00E. They were 40c each in the stores. It rained on us a lot. We walked where Paul & Peter were in prison. We saw where Pope Paul was buried. We rubbed the feet of St. Peter (the statue). This is believed to bring good luck. We also saw the Pantheon, saw Piazzia San Peitro (St. Peter’s). We had lunch on the streets (Pizza) so good. We rode the taxi twice. The driving is worse in Rome than Germany. They were selling umbrellas everywhere. We were asked to buy one every minute but Frank would say “no, I’m already wet.”
Maria (works with Frank) took us to supper at al 34 Restaurant. We had spinach ravioli. It was so good. A man gave Maria and I a rose then begged John, Frank, and F.T. to pay for them. John paid for them. We saw Trevi fountain. It is believed if foreigners toss a coin into the fountain it insured his return to Rome. We threw our coins in. Frank had done this on a previous trip. We also saw Spanish Steps.
November 30, 2005
We had breakfast at the hotel. Sweet rolls were delicious – John, Frank, F. T. & I took a streetcar to the Vatican museum. Everything was so beautiful. We saw the Pope. Had lunch at Garden Lino. Best Pizza I have ever eaten. We took taxi home. We went to top floor to see the garden. We saw two lemon trees. Frank & John had to go to work at 5:00 p.m. F. T. and I went shopping. We went to a grocery store – so exciting – we had not been in a week. We looked at the prices of everything. We bought crackers, cheese, and salami. Bought a large Diet Coke. We had supper at a Pizzaria-Chinese restaurant. Orderd spaghetti with mushrooms.I didn’t like it. F. T. said it was o.k. This was the first meal I didn’t like. We walked down the street and got pizzas. It was cheap and good. The shower in Rome was so different. Water came from the top, side, and back. Had a Bidet in the bathroom. Our lights came on when you put your key in the key holder on the wall – also came on when you opened the closet door. No washcloths. The handle to flush the commode was on the wall. Frank paid 3.20E for a bottle of wine and I paid 5.00E for a corkscrew. Price you have to pay since you can’t carry a corkscrew on the plane.
At the grocery you packed your own groceries. Liquor is sold at the grocery store. Frank got home from work around 10:30 p.m. and John and Maria came by for wine and cheese & crackers.
Little gas stations on the street (just the gas pumps).
December 1, 2005
Had breakfast at hotel. Took van to the airport. Left the airport at 11:00 a.m. for Atlanta. We flew first class in seats 1A & 1B. This was an eleven hour flight. We had lunch, snack, champagne & wine on the plane.
When we got to Atlanta, Angela was waiting for her plane to Raleigh (she had been in Atlanta for the day at a meeting for her job).
This was a wonderful trip. Our 40th Anniversary. Thanks to Frank, Angela, Chris, and Betty Jane. Thank God for a safe trip. Our car was at the airport.

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