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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I flew out to London on Monday night with John, Mark, and Maria. We checked into the Jolly St. Ermin's hotel near Westminster (, then headed out for a day of touring the Tower of London. I had seen it from the outside, but had never toured it before; I was suprised by how huge it was. We went on an hour-long guided tour (guided by the Yeoman Warder, pictured) and then spent a few more hours exploring on our own, seeing the Crown Jewels, lots of armour, and learning about the executions, prisoners, and torture that occured there. Afterwards, I grabbed some battered cod and fries (otherwise known as "fish & chips) before heading back for a quick nap. We walked that evening to Tralfalgar Square, passing Big Ben and Parliament, with a full moon just to the left of Big Ben. It was a Peter Pan moment.

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